Say Bye- Bye To” Bad” Tenants For Ever!


As a landlord in Massachusetts, you probably started out with high hopes for your rental property…

Maybe you inherited the house and thought the easiest thing to do was rent it  out… instead of selling it.

Or perhaps you purchased the home as an investment to generate some passive income.


If you’re like many landlords, you may have discovered that the income is anything but “passive!”

Do any of these comments sound familiar?


⦁    “I can't believe how much it’s going to cost to fix the heating system in that house!”
⦁    “They're late with the rent payments -- again!!”
tension⦁    “This month is really going to cost me if I don't get a new tenant quickly!”
⦁    “Why is my tenant calling me at 3AM?”
⦁    “They're trashing the place! Should I pay the money it would cost to have them evicted?”
⦁    “Tenants are causing code violations not to pay rent?”

Often times, being a landlord is no piece of cake. In fact, it can be an awful lot of work. Things like…

… Repairs and maintenance
… Late payments
… Constantly having to find new tenants and then “manage them”
… Damage caused by destructive renters (and their pets!)


Navigating through the eviction process can make the rental experience very unpleasant, even for the most experienced property owner.

Are you ready to “cry uncle?”  Would you like to be over and done with the whole landlord thing, right now?

If so, we can make it happen for you. If you’ve decided that you’re ready to move on from “tenant woes” and expensive repairs… we should talk.

We buy houses in, “as-is” condition. We can provide you with a cash offer, and a quick closing. And the best part… your tenants will continue to occupy the property.

With a “landlord-to-landlord” sale, there is no need for you to wait out a lengthy lease termination notification timeframe, or worry about how to get your tenants to move out in time for the closing.

diagramIn our experience, this is one of the least stressful options for a landlord selling a house with tenants already in place. Let’s see how we can bring an end to your landlord woes and quickly restore your peace of mind.

We'll be glad to walk you through every step of the process. When you contact us, we’ll provide you with a no-cost, no obligation consultation. We’ll also help you determine the timeframe that works best for you.


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You probably have questions, and may not be ready to talk to anyone yet. That’s okay. We understand.

In the meantime, you can email me at our Contact Us page with any questions and I’ll get back to you right away… or feel free to call me directly at (508) 859-1900 if you’re ready to discuss your situation today.

Joe Abbascia